A Tale of One Dance Called Blues and It’s Mysterious Powers

There was once a petty Harlem-style gangster, a thief of women’s hearts and a boxer of brave asses. Just a 21st century Robin Hood with a street-philosopher nature, who dared to dream of saving the Earth and Moon as well, if he may. With fierce endeavor night and day he practiced many forms of fighting, enriching his body with fine movement, snake-like elasticity, and wind-resembling speed. Nevertheless, to his great surprise, one beautiful day the swing music enchanted him and thus he became the warrior of the dance floor. To his new beloved passion he sacrificed night and day and, may Great Lord forgive him, conquered many opponents in a charming discipline, named after Charles Lindberg, Lindy hop.

Happily and peacefully he would have continued his struggle hadn’t it been for that one day when a strange girl from a small fishermen’s town crossed his wild paths of the favorite discipline. Her name was Agnes and she feared not to lead teams of brave Lindy Hoppers to deeds called performances in her dear seaside areas. She had been dancing all ballroom and African styles since the age of eight, so no possible leader could cause her fear. The Harlem-style boxer enjoyed not to be pitied. Overwhelmed with strange feelings he asked the female warrior to a dance floor ring. In less than a while he knew he would have to give in to this worthy opponent. “What if I die dancing with you?” he asked with explicit concern in his voice. “Fear not, for his will be a spectacular death” replied she, unruffled.

That moment the Oracle of the Lindy community stepped in, condemned their behavior and, after a great deal of trouble and pains, spoke up:”My dear children, you need to ally your strengths and forces in a (dance) dialogue. Rhythm, musicality and interpretation will save you and have you both express your fierce temper and dance out your feelings to the music.”- he said with an encouraging voice. That moment the dance floor warriors experienced enlightenment, discovered blues and applied themselves to learning, listening and studying blues to spread it’s relieving joy to the world.

Blues inspired them with fresh courage and so today they live in peace and happiness, since their rapid tempers got pacified by serene blues rhythms and melodies. Since that day they have been witnessed co-habit happily and peacefully dancing and spreading blues together in many lands. Some people say they heard about them. Rumors have spread they have been witnessed dancing in the Land of Delicious Cheese, on the Islands Reigned by The Queen, in the Kingdom of Mañana, on the Soil of Pretty Lakes, where all the words end with “s”, in the Country of Borscht in hidden Krivkas, the Capital City of Valenki, in their Homeland of A Language That Forgot About Vowels, and many more.

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