Welcome to our website!

We are Konrad and Agnieszka – Blues and Slow Dance teachers and dancers, co-creators of the Warsaw Blues scene and organizers of swing dance events. Following queries to teach Blues and Slow Dance to local communities abroad and in Poland, we have set up this website to provide a channel of communication with our students.

Every invitation fills us with joy, since it gives us an opportunity to get to know amazing people around the world, united in one goal to discover the arcana of Blues and Swing. We are honored to be part of the Swing dance community worldwide! Via this website we hope we can share some useful information not only about us, but also about Blues events, the dance itself and some recommendations.

Should you like us to teach you and your colleagues Blues and Slow Dance/Slow Lindy, please use the information we provide in CONTACT and have a look at the CALENDAR of events, to find out about our availability. If you need our pictures or videos to advertise your event, please use the ones in the GALLERY. Should you like to know our approach and didactic, you’ll find it in HOW WE TEACH.

We’re also open to your specific needs and requests. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact us at konradandagnieszka@gmail.com