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We are Konrad and Agnieszka – Blues and Slow Dance teachers and dancers, co-creators of the Warsaw Blues scene and organizers of swing dance events. Following queries to teach Blues and Slow Dance to local communities abroad and in Poland, we have set up this website to provide a channel of communication with our students.

Every invitation fills us with joy, since it gives us an opportunity to get to know amazing people around the world, united in one goal to discover the arcana of Blues and Swing. We are honored to be part of the Swing dance community worldwide! Via this website we hope we can share some useful information not only about us, but also about Blues events, the dance itself and some recommendations.

Should you like us to teach you and your colleagues Blues and Slow Dance/Slow Lindy, please use the information we provide in CONTACT and have a look at the CALENDAR of events, to find out about our availability. If you need our pictures or videos to advertise your event, please use the ones in the GALLERY. Should you like to know our approach and didactic, you’ll find it in HOW WE TEACH.

We’re also open to your specific needs and requests. We look forward to hearing from you!
Recently we opened our own school Harlem Beats – you can also contact us by www.harlembeats.pl or check out our FB page HARLEM BEATS


We first met Konrad and Agnieszka in 2015, Warsaw when we were asked to teach some blues there. There we felt in love with their organizational skills and attitude to Blues Dance. Since that time we have asked Konrad and Agnieszka to teach in our camp (Bluesila) three times, as coupled blues and solo blues teachers. Moreover, we attended their classes in Barcelona, Minsk and Lviv as well. This couple shows extremely great pedagogical skills and deep knowledge of the material they provide during the classes. Not only they “dig” into the roots, rhythms, and body movement mechanics, but also provide this in very understandable, easy and fun manner.
Every camp we organize we collect anonymous feedback from all attendants including mark from 1 to 10 and comments. Konrad and Agnieszka had average of 9.2 and a wish from camp participants that they would return next year.
As performers Konrad and Agnieszka always brought a routine to our camp, though it was not mandatory. Those dance routines were always a big inspiration for newcomers and advanced dancers and were an important part of our Saturday cabaret. Moreover, they have created a “blues shim sham” variant of routine that went viral between blues community.
– Bluesdance.lt Team Dmitrij Ivanov and Justinas Valaitis


It was a pleasure to invite for the first time in Luxembourg Konrad and Angieszka to teach blues and slow lindy. Our community got inspired by the incredible blues styling attitude of such a lovely couple. We will never forget the irresistible blues performances at our parties.
– Christina Mouradian


Each year since 2015, our association Blue’z&Heart organize a week-end of Blues dancing in Paris (France). For these events, we ask international teachers to come in order to improve the local dance level and develop the Blues dance community. In 2019, we were glad that Konrad and Agnieszka could attend our Good Fellow Blues Paris event. They built great classes, for two levels of students, about dialog in the dance between partners, improvisation, how to listen and adapt to the music, call and respond, and body isolation. They also taught us some funny and crazy moves. Agnieszka and Konrad are opened to students’ questions, bring a cool and joyful spirit in the classes, but stay very precise about the technics. At the Saturday party, they performed a dance show that was really inspiring. We are eager to see them again at our next Good Fellow Blues Paris event !
– M. Vandegarde for the Blue’z&Heart association, Paris.


Feel free to contact us at konradandagnieszka@gmail.com