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Amber Swing – here we come!

- 04 / 8 / 18 -

It is our first time to teach Slow Dance classes on a Lindy Festival. We are really excited and looking forward to present a different style than people are used to.


Valentine’s Blues recap video – Slow Dance classes

- 04 / 2 / 18 -

During our holidays we finally had some time to do a recap on Slow Dance classes which we have had on Valentine’s Blues.

During the classes we focused on “walking” type of slow dance and covered basics of movement, stretch and connection – all based on several figures.
More movies are on the way

More than 700 pubs in one city? yes, only on Fair City Blues!

- 03 / 28 / 18 -

Dear Dancers and Friends from all over Europe, we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for being given the opportunity of spending this beautiful weekend with you! We want to thank Olga, Audrey and Margarita for inviting us and taking such good care of us and all the hard work involved in the event organization. We’d like to thank the students for participating in our classes as well as great moments on the dancefloor (you rock!) and the musicians for inspiring us to dance.

It was our first time in Dublin and in Ireland. We hope to see you all again on another wonderful blues festival in Europe… or just to have another Guinness in Dublin. Cheers! 🙂

Christmas Wishes

- 12 / 24 / 17 -

We would like to wish a very bluesy Christmas to all of our students and fellow dancers all around the world. We feel very thankful for all the great moments and dances we had with you this year. May all your dreams come true in 2018!
Looking forward to more next year,

Agnieszka and Konrad

PS: This is how we spent our Christmas party last year 🙂

Christmas is coming and … – July Slow Dance workshops

- 12 / 16 / 17 -

Well, Christmas is coming and cleaning is a must – do not forget the desktop. Thanks to that you may find a lot of recap movies. Summer time was also the time of our Slow Dance classes in SWINGOUT.PL. For three hours we have been focusing on changing the energy, mood and shaping the dance. We did a lot of material and it was such a pleasure to see the dancers working on basics, implementing new ideas and … revealing their talent and having fun. We had so much fun while watching them 🙂

Blues and Shag? Slow Lindy and Fast Lindy? C’est possible!

- 11 / 16 / 17 -

Quick Quick Slowwwww – it was possible in Katowice! 🙂

It was a great opportunity to share our ideas for both, Slow Dance and Blues, in a totally new place we had never been before to dance. Without much info about the people dancing there we were amazed by the joy and warm welcome we found. Thank you all for dancing, workshops and organizing it (thanks to Kasia and Jarek!)

http://swingcity.pl – Hope to see you all soon. Till then … may the pulse be with you! 😉

La Folle Journée Festival in Warsaw – Światowe Dni Muzyki

- 11 / 5 / 17 -

Wow, that was something special!

A month ago we had an opportunity to dance in the Polish National Theather during La Folle Journée Festival in Warsaw. Together with Piotr Kostrzewa Big Band we performed in the main hall in front of the biggest audiance in our lives. We were totally amazed because of the atmosphere we found and kind artists we met there.
On the top of all our student, who works there, gave us a unique opportunity to visit backstage and see places not available for common visitors – such a surprise!

It was an awesome experiance and a good chance to spend some time with great people.
Huge thanks for Piotr and his band… huge thanks to our super student!



I Blues Warsaw!

- 08 / 21 / 17 -

We would like to share with you our routine! Furthermore, if only you are brave enough, gather your friends and prepare your own routine or use ours and record “I Blues… (your city)” . Just like “I Charleston” let’s make the idea of common blues dancing spread around the world! 🙂

You may watch or learn our routine with following movie :


Hope to see your movies or dance “My girl” together somewhere! 🙂

Strasbourg – Blues Spot 2017

- 07 / 31 / 17 -

Teachers presentation on Blues Spot 2017 (Strasbourg)… well, not too serious teachers presentation 🙂


The Blues Sham

- 07 / 11 / 17 -

Let us introduce our Blues Sham (Shim Sham for Blues) to you ? Feel free to take, it, learn it, share it… as long as you find it useful and as it brings joy to your community. While teaching it to anyone, please kindy mention the author (Agnieszka). Enjoy! ?


Feel free to contact us at konradandagnieszka@gmail.com